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Impact Media is a full service closed captioning and subtitling company dedicated to excellence in all of our captioning, subtitling, and other services. We support Digital Media Delivery Companies, such as Extreme Reach, Yangaroo, and Adstream (formerly Javeline). We would love to discuss your captioning and subtitling needs for your current or upcoming project. Call for a Quote (814) 658-3580. If you prefer contact us by email or through our contact form to discuss your various options.

Closed Captioning HD

Impact Media is your answer for HD Captioning Services for Broadcast Television

Closed Captioned Commercials

Don't miss out on all your potential customers. We closed Caption commercials so all your viewers hear your message.

Closed Captioning SD

Many television stations around the country still broadcast in standard definition, and Impact Media can deliver.

Closed Captioned Web Videos

Let all of your videos be heard with adding closed captioning to all your web videos including YouTube.

Closed Captioning for University Videos

Impact Media strives to deliver quality captioning for colleges, universities, and schools. Education discounts available.


Impact Media provides subtitles for movies and videos, whether they are for Blu-ray, DVD, Internet, or displays.



About us

Impact Media is a full service closed captioning and subtitling company, dedicated to providing professional quality captioning, as well as quick turn around times for all of your video projects.

We have the capabilities to deliver any type of closed captioned video file, whether it will be delivered by FTP digital media delivery through companies such as Extreme Reach - Yangaroo - Javeline - Adstream, or printed to tape, DVD, Blu-ray, or a Hard Drive.

In addition to being a full service closed captioning and subtitling company, we are also a post-production house, providing quality work for over 16 years, and able to tackle any problem that may arise. Our mission is to serve you to the best of our ability, with professional services to meet all of your captioning and subtitling needs. We always deliver accurate, carefully positioned closed captioning, in a timely manner, and we look forward to being able to serve you.

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CC team The Impact Media Team

We have a dedicated team of transcriptionist, engineers, and support staff members that keeps our company capable of meeting the needs of all of our clients, and one fantastic mascot.

Tami Hetrick

Business Owner

Closed Captioning Specialist and Business Manager of Impact Media

Transcription Specialist

Dedicated Team

Each of our team members are specialized in specific genres

Support Staff

The "We've Got This" staff members

Our support staff make sure that our workflow operates properly

CC Girl

Mascot & Security Manager

When she's not promoting Impact Media, she's guarding the facility


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Broadcast Captioning



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Captioning & Subtitles

Here is a brief description of the different types of our closed captioning, and our subtitling services. If you have any questions or if you would like to order our closed captioning please contact us with a description of your video project. For your convenience the contact is an email link, or give us a call (814) 658-3580.

Internet Videos

  • Closed Captioned Files.
  • SDH Subtitle Files.
  • Embedded Video Files.
  • Full Service Available.

DVD Blu-ray

  • Subtitle Files.
  • SDH Subtitle Files.
  • We Master To DVD.
  • We Master Blu-ray.


  • Add Subtitles to Any Video
  • SDH - Subtitles for Deaf & Hard of Hearing with sound effects.
  • Full Service Available

CC blog MicroBlog Posts

Please enjoy our microblog. We post short micro posts here. If you would like more information about any of our services please give us a call (814) 658-3580


Closed Captioning For Broadcast Television

Vol.1 2016 CC Broadcast

Impact Media is proud to be a broadcast closed captioning provider. Give us a call today (814) 658-3580.

FCC Closed Captioning Compliance

March 2015 FCC FCC Captioning Laws went into effect

Impact Media is Certified FCC Compliant with the new closed captioning laws. Our policy to provide everyone of our clients outlets with our FCC Compliance Statement.

Got Captioning?

Looking for Closed Captioning?

Vol. 2 2016 Law Closed-Captioning

Give us a call or send us an email with questions you may have to make sure your web video is reaching ALL your potential audience.

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The staff at Impact Media would love to hear from you. If you would like to contact us directly, we are available to answer any questions about our services.

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