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DVD's and Blu-ray Discs

Closed Captioning or Subtitles The Choice is Yours

Closed Captioned DVD's or Blu-ray

There are many reason people want closed captioned DVD's or Blu-rays, including accessibility. Captioning can be embedded in your disc as either closed captioning, or as open captioning, or always on captioning. This option works great for displays, or for persons who English is their second language. Through the years we have even found smaller startup networks that took DVDs and their broadcast format. We offer the option of sending you the caption file, and you embed it in your disc while mastering it yourself, or we can master your disc for you with our comprehensive editing system.

SDH or Subtitles for the Deaf

SDH or Subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing are great option for any DVD or Blu-ray project. They carry the versatility of font changes offered with subtitles that aren't available with closed captioning, along with the sound effects displayed in closed captioning, as opposed to just subtitles. This type of subtitling is inclusive in the fact that you are including the deaf and hard of hearing into being able to enjoy all of the aspects of the video, including the dog barking in the background of the video. We offer both subtitle files and complete disc burning services.

Just Subtitles or ESL Subtitles

Subtitles make it possible to read the audio portion of the video as you watch it. This type of subtitles are also referred to as English as a Second Language Subtitles. This option is great for displays in museums, expos, waiting rooms, and other places where the sound might not be heard. When subtitles are not available you cannot reach your full potential of viewers. We offer this service as file based, or we can burn your disc in our state of the art production facility.

Captions vs SDH Subtitles

Both Closed Captioning and SDH Subtitles are great because the deaf and hard of hearing community are included in the viewership of your video. There are some great advantages to subtitles over closed captioning on DVDs and Blu-ray discs. One advantage is the flexibility to change the font size and color. Another advantage is that they are easier to read on the screen without the captioning block surrounding the text. Another advantage is that same portable DVD or Blu-ray players do not have a closed caption option for playback, but they do have a subtitle option available.

DVD or Digital Video Disc

DVDs are a digital optical disc storage format developed in 1995. They can store any kind of digital data and is widely used for software, and other computer files, as well as a means of watching a video through a DVD player. DVDs used for video are ROMs, because the video can be read, but cannot be written on or erased. A DVD video is a consumer digital format that can be watched over and over again, or used to archive your videos.

Blu-ray or Blu-ray Disc (BD)

Blu-ray is a digital optical disc much like the DVD, but it was designed to supersede the DVD format, and is capable of storing high-definition videos such as 720p and 1080p or ultra high-definition video resolutions of 2160p. It is the same size and thickness of a DVD, but is capable of much larger video formats than the DVDs maxim resolution of 720p. The term Blu-ray comes from the blue laser that is used to read the disc, which allows information to be stored at a greater density, giving it the capabilities of displaying high definition videos.

A Variety of Services
Impact Media Broadcast Captioning

Broadcast Captioning

We specialize in captioning TV programming, and have the capability to caption any broadcast video file. Our services also include file conversions to the television station's specifications, and uploaded to the stations ftp, or if needed we will master your TV show to tape. We serve many ministries, universities television stations, producers, and media companies; we look forward to serving you too.

Impact Media Web Captioning

Closed Captioning for the Web

Let all of your videos be heard with adding closed captioning to all your web videos including YouTube. Did you know that if your video airs on broadcast television, and is also available for viewing on the internet then according the FCC rules for closed captioning, your video must be closed captioned on the web too. Rules and regulations aside, there are other reasons for captioning web videos, and they fall into the category off accessibility.

Words with Sound Effects

Subtitles and SDH Subtitles

We provide subtitles for movies and videos, whether they are for Blu-ray, DVD, Internet, or displays. SDH - Subtitles for Deaf & Hard of Hearing with closed captioning format to include sound effects. This option affords the flexibility of subtitles with the advantage of closed captioning, and gives more options for the viewer to change the font size, color, and display features that are often not available with closed captions.